International Student Program

International Student Admissions Information

St. Mary’s High School welcomes international students to join our community. A well-qualified international applicant has a strong academic record, a sufficient English language, and proficiency to perform well in a challenging environment.

International Student Life at St. Mary’s High School

At St. Mary’s High School, students from around the world are integrated into and encouraged to participate in all aspects of School life and learn about the American culture. International students at St. Mary’s High School have the opportunity to further develop their English fluency skills, experience a well-rounded, rigorous, and vast curriculum where they can challenge themselves to perform. Engaging in service, clubs, and activities provides international students with a full immersion experience.

International Support

International students receive support from their individual guidance counselor as well as the Director of International Student Relations, and student mentors. They have support from the moment they arrive on campus and throughout their time at St. Mary’s High School.


At St. Mary’s High School, we offer a challenging curriculum with a variety of Advanced Placement (AP) and Honors level courses. All international students are required to take the School and NYS required courses and Regent Exams.


Applying begins with the International Student Application.  Click here to access the online application.


Office of International Student Admissions

Please contact Mrs. Norma Stafford, Director of Admissions, at [email protected] or 516-627-2711 ext. 1084 for more information.