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Faculty and Staff Directory


List of 5 members.

  • Photo of Robert Romeo

    Rev. Fr. Robert Romeo 

  • Photo of Daniel Nash

    Very Rev. Dom Daniel Nash Can. Reg. 

    School President
  • Photo of Dominik Wegiel

    Fr. Dominik Wegiel 

    School Chaplain
  • Photo of Gerard Buckley

    Mr. Gerard Buckley 

  • Photo of Leah Brown

    Ms. Leah Brown 

    Assistant Principal for Academics

Department Chairs

List of 7 members.

  • Photo of Jeanine Buatti

    Ms. Jeanine Buatti 81

  • Photo of Anthony Cannatella

    Mr. Anthony Cannatella 

    Campus Minister/Theology
  • Photo of Joseph DeMerit

    Mr. Joseph DeMerit 

    Social Studies
  • Photo of David Hurley

    Mr. David Hurley 

  • Photo of Joseph Klement

    Mr. Joseph Klement 

  • Photo of Linda Lipani

    Ms. Linda Lipani 

    World Languages Chairperson
  • Photo of Paul Nussbaum

    Mr. Paul Nussbaum 

    Physical Education


List of 3 members.

  • Photo of Mimi Chan

    Ms. Mimi Chan 

    Development Associate
  • Photo of Edward Short

    Mr. Edward Short 

    Vice President for Development
  • Photo of Kiera Walsh

    Mrs. Kiera Walsh 

    Director of Alumni Relations


List of 3 members.

  • Photo of Norma Stafford

    Mrs. Norma Stafford 

    Director of Admissions
  • Photo of Phillip Sutherland

    Mr. Phillip Sutherland 03

    Director of Technology
  • Photo of Eileen Symmons

    Ms. Eileen Symmons 86

    Director of Communications


List of 15 members.

  • Photo of Rosa Perifimos

    Mrs. Rosa Perifimos 

  • Photo of Mary Aquinas

    Sr. Mary Aquinas O.P 

  • Photo of Colleen Curran

    Mrs. Colleen Curran 

  • Photo of Barbara DiSclafani

    Ms. Barbara DiSclafani 20

    Performing Arts
  • Photo of Silvana Farina

    Mrs. Silvana Farina 

    World Languages
  • Photo of Brendan Gilroy

    Mr. Brendan Gilroy 

    Social Studies
  • Photo of James Ingoglia

    Mr. James Ingoglia 

    Social Studies
  • Photo of Michael Janover

    Mr. Michael Janover 

    Performing Arts
  • Photo of Michael Lipani

    Mr. Michael Lipani 09

    STEM Teacher /Co-director of Technology
  • Photo of Mary Magdalene

    Sr. Mary Magdalene O.P 

    Theology/World Languages
  • Photo of Matthew Panetta

    Mr. Matthew Panetta 

  • Photo of Brian Stalter

    Mr. Brian Stalter 

    Director of Performing Arts/Math
  • Photo of Beata Szyszkowska

    Mrs. Beata Szyszkowska 

    Fine Arts
  • Photo of Anne Tomlinson

    Ms. Anne Tomlinson 84

  • Photo of Patrick Welsh

    Mr. Patrick Welsh 

    Athletic Director/Physical Education


List of 3 members.

  • Photo of Jessica Kemp

    Mrs. Jessica Kemp 06

    Director of Student Services
  • Photo of Tracey LaSorsa

    Mrs. Tracey LaSorsa 

    Administrative Assistant for Guidance
  • Photo of Christopher McDermott

    Mr. Christopher McDermott 

    Director of College Guidance


List of 8 members.

  • Photo of Michael DiMartino

    Mr. Michael DiMartino 20

  • Photo of Jose Vasquez

    Mr. Jose Vasquez 19

  • Photo of Elizabeth Connolly

    Ms. Elizabeth Connolly 22

  • Photo of Sarah Griffin

    Mrs. Sarah Griffin 06

    Liaison for School Relations
  • Photo of Margaret Luth

    Mrs. Margaret Luth 

  • Photo of Catherine O'Sullivan

    Ms. Catherine O'Sullivan 

    Administrative Assistant
  • Photo of Maria Sala

    Mrs. Maria Sala 

    Administrative Assistant
  • Photo of Bonnee Yannaco

    Mrs. Bonnee Yannaco 

    Tuition Office