Mentor Program

Who is a Mentor?

Mentors are alumni and parents of alumni in the Schools of Saint Mary community who want to share their insights on careers with mentees interested in their industry or occupation. The mentor relationship involves communication between the mentor and the mentee through informational interviews (via phone or in person) or half-day shadow opportunities.

Who is a Mentee?

Mentees are alumni or current students (juniors/seniors) in the Saint Mary’s community who are interested in an industry or occupation and would like a mentor to share their insights about their career.
What are the goals of the program?
  • Provide mentees a connection with a motivated mentor
  • Increased professional motivation
  • Greater career awareness
  • Greater social competence and self confidence

How to Get Started

Complete the Career Mentorship Checklist (Google Form provided)
Once completed, you will hear from the Director of Alumni Relations within 30 days.

Log in to your LinkedIn account at Please make sure that your profile is current.

Click on your profile and add “Saint Mary’s High School, Manhasset” under your education section. 

Follow our “Saint Mary’s High School, Manhasset” page at

Based on your professional experience, college attendance and geographic location, current Saint Mary’s students and Saint Mary’s alumni can now reach out to you and expand their network with fellow Gaels.