Catholic Life


At the Schools of Saint Mary we are committed to studying our Catholic faith in light of the liberal arts tradition as well as the most recent discoveries of the sciences.  Convivium (“living together”) supports this aspiration through a four-year long journey in search of a deeper appreciation for the meaning and purpose of our existence.  Under the facilitation of a faculty member, groups of students form sodalities to share an extracurricular experience of the mutually enriching dialogue between faith and reason. 

The monthly meetings are encounters for dialogue in which students reflect and discuss a specific topic or idea to stimulate questions for further investigation and to confer a unified, interdisciplinary approach to their education.  

Embarking on a Path of Discovery, Four Thematics

  1. The Universe
  2. The Earth
  3. Life
  4. Human Dignity
In 2021-2022, the entire school participated in the fourth-year theme of human dignity.  In 2022-2023, the entire High School will ponder the significance of the wonders of our universe.  This effort results from the collaboration of the science and theology faculties, who shape the encounters for dialogue as well as devise ways to engage the students in communicating these ideas to the broader community.