About Us

Welcome from the School President

Omnia ad Jesum per Mariam. “Everything to Jesus through Mary”

At Saint Mary’s  co-educational college preparatory high school, we bring all of our students and their families into an intimate, vibrant relationship with Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ and his global community of disciples, the Catholic Church.  Our motto nicely summarizes how we accomplish this -- how we form young men and women in a Catholic vision of human dignity, how we care and support each other, and how we dedicate ourselves to truth and excellence.  

As you navigate our new and improved website, you will see how everything we do at our beloved school fosters authentic human flourishing   -- a flourishing in which our students come to recognize the gifts God has entrusted to them and how they must share those gifts with others.  You will also see how, working with their teachers and their fellow classmates, our students realize God’s plan for themselves and for the world around them.  

Please explore the website to see the many ways our school expresses our three foundational pillars – Catholic, Academic, and Cheerful – not only in the daily life of the school but in the success of our graduates and the achievements of our alumni.  

With a 12:1 student to teacher ratio, the family-like ethos of Saint Mary’s ensures that your son or daughter will always receive the attentive care they need. In our joyous community, the respect and reverence our teachers and students show one another inspires everyone at the school to give of their best.  Accordingly, our graduates are accepted into top-notch universities and colleges.  In 2022, our graduates received over $18,700,000 in scholarship, an average of almost $190,000 per student for four years.  In addition, our more than 14,000 alumni form a global-spanning intergenerational network. 

We at Saint Mary’s give our students a grounding in the liberal arts, we steep them in the rich Catholic tradition, we offer them a chance to play a wide array of sports, and we encourage them to pursue exciting extracurricular activities.  Come and get to know us better with a personal visit.  We welcome you with open arms.  Please contact our Director of Admissions for a tour.

Omnia ad Jesum per Mariam.  “Everything to Jesus through Mary.”

Faithfully yours,

Fr. Elias Carr, Can. Reg.