Catholic Life

Campus Ministry

Campus Ministry provides programs that encourage students to grow in virtue, friendship, and holiness. The Universal Call To Holiness highlighted by the Second Vatican Council finds concrete expression in many of the day-to-day activities offered by Campus Ministry.
Day and weekend retreats are available to students in each grade. These are opportunities for prayer and spiritual growth in an atmosphere of friendship and encouragement. Opportunities for charitable service include tutoring in the community, feeding the hungry at local soup kitchens, and a variety of corporal and spiritual works of mercy.

Following Christ, we are instructed to meet people where they are. Therefore, wherever students find themselves in the development of their religious lives, we welcome and encourage all students to get involved with the Campus Ministry community and participate in the multiple activities we have to offer.


Each class has opportunities for annual Spiritual Retreats organized by the Campus Ministry Centre and the school chaplain. These are occasions for prayer, reflection, and growth in friendship with God and others.