Our Curriculum

The Program of Studies at St. Mary’s is designed to provide each student with the opportunity for a comprehensive college preparatory education.
The academic program emphasizes a rich and broad curriculum anchored in faith, the arts, sciences and humanities. Each student is prepared to meet and exceed the New York state standards and be eligible for admission to the nation’s most selective colleges and universities. St. Mary’s recognizes individual differences by providing a range of skill levels for a number of courses.

Each student enrolls in four years of study in Mathematics, Science, English, Social Studies, Physical Education and Theology, three years of study in World Language, and two years of study in the Arts and STEM.

Students may customize their coursework by choosing from 14 Advanced Placement courses and more than 30 electives. There are numerous college course credit options through St. John’s University, Molloy College and Adelphi University.

Technology at St. Mary's

The St. Mary’s curriculum is supplemented by cutting-edge technology including state-of-the-art wireless capacity throughout the campus. An interactive online system allows all students and parents to access homework assignments, grades and teacher comments. Our technology program aims to support academic content areas such as history, the fine arts, and the sciences while enhancing student motivation and growth in study skills.

St. Mary’s offers the opportunity for students to participate in college level computer courses such as Introduction to Computer Programming and Advanced Placement Computer Science.