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St. Mary's Collaborates with CUA's CEDE Program

Watch Luke Burgis, founder of the CEDE Program, thank St. Mary’s for joining his national network of CEDE Programs.

St. Mary's Partners with The Catholic University of America

“As President of the Schools of Saint Mary,” Father Elias Carr told the Saint Mary's family recently, “I want to assure parents, students, and alumni alike that at the heart of our educational mission is our plan to equip students with the spiritual, emotional, intellectual, and social skills necessary to discover their purpose and their passion.” 

Vocation is at the core of all we do at Saint Mary’s, whether in our Catholic faith formation, our academics, STEM, STREAM, athletics, fine and performing arts, or our extra-curricular programs. And nothing demonstrates this better than our adoption of the Catholic Entrepreneurship and Design Experience (CEDE) Program, pioneered by The Catholic University of America, which helps students understand who they are and what they would like to do with their God-given talents so that they can enter into the great adventure of vocation.
Accordingly, our CEDE Program will nurture in students an understanding of the life-changing power of vocation, since the Program is ultimately about helping each and every student discover, embrace, and live out their unique, personal vocation in life under God. Whether that involves going to the college of their dreams and pursuing one of the professions or pursuing another path after college graduation, the CEDE Program is designed to aid students in their discernment.

It is also animated in all of its features by a recognition of the importance of innovative teaching. Accordingly, the CEDE Program is a collaboration between successful entrepreneurs, CUA’s professors, and the highest quality teachers, chosen in accordance with three criteria: 1) The ability to inspire 2) A focus on integral human development, and 3) Recognized teaching excellence. For Father Elias, “It is our plan to involve as many members of the Saint Mary’s family in the Program as possible – parents, alumni, parishioners, benefactors – as guest lecturers and instructors to give our students and our teachers the support they need.”
Since Saint Mary’s is the only school in New York presently offering the CEDE Program, we are truly on the cutting edge of educational innovation. “We know that each life is unique,” Father Elias recognizes, “and sometimes it takes longer for some of us to find the path that will help to fulfill our purpose in life. Giving students the guidance, tools and support they need to find that path is at the heart of our mission, and the highly differentiated CEDE Program – with your help -- will enable us to put that mission at the service of our talented young students.”