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Profiles of a St. Mary's Student

In our latest Annual Fund video, we introduce three of our most impressive students at Saint Mary’s to exemplify the benefits of our commitment to educating the whole person.

The students profiled are bright, faithful and full of purpose. Each of them attests to how our unique learning environment gives students the skills and confidence they need to succeed in college and beyond.
According to a recent article in The Washington Examiner, college enrollment declined by 4.1% in Spring 2022 compared to Spring 2021. The total decline of undergraduate students since the beginning of the pandemic was 9.4%, a drop of 1.4 million students.
Fortunately, at Saint Mary's, this trend does not obtain. On average, 99% of our students go on to college -- to some of the very best colleges in the country. Our commitment to educating the whole person in the rich Catholic tradition serves our graduates well.
Once again, we thank our alumni -- our Partners in Stewardship -- for making these blessings possible and ask that you kindly consider renewing your support of our Annual Fund.  
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Many thanks again for your staunch, generous, vital support! 

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