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St. Mary’s Alumni Spotlight: Angela Sbano ’15

Angela Sbano '15 is a graduate of Vassar College and in her 3rd year at Duke Law School. Angela shares how St. Mary's set the foundation for her education.
We recently had the opportunity to catch up with Ms. Angela Sbano, a proud member of the St. Mary’s High School Class of 2015. Ms. Sbano went to Vassar College for her undergraduate degree and is currently studying at Duke University’s School of Law.

When asked how St. Mary’s High School provided the foundation for her education at Vassar College and Duke Law, Angela noted that “St. Mary’s provided my first steps into critical thinking and analysis. My success in undergraduate, as well as my ongoing legal studies, have consistently depended on the ability to understand issues from multiple perspectives, listen to arguments with a critical ear, and integrate different sources of knowledge together.

St. Mary’s is where I first learned these essential tools. Perceiving education not only as an intellectual endeavor, but also as an effort in faith deeply impacted the way I learned to analyze problems. Many of my teachers challenged me to consider new perspectives on topics ranging from calculus to politics. St. Mary’s also provided me with a cast of engaging, warm, and at times colorful characters (both faculty and students), who made me feel at home and confident in my capacity to grow as a person.”  

Angela’s best memory of her time at St. Mary’s was the campus commute. “One of the things I will always remember about St. Mary’s was commuting between buildings. It seems a bit ludacris to look back fondly on clutching my blazer in the cold or dashing to get out of the rain, but I smile every time I remember it today. They were special moments of transience, where the only objective to focus on was getting to the next class without tripping or falling on the hill. They were moments to stretch our legs and catch up with friends. Commuting was a unique experience for me as a high school student and one I will always cherish.”

Ms. Sbano would tell a prospective family why their child should attend her Alma mater by saying, “I received a solid education, both of the mind and the spirit at St. Mary’s. I would mention that I made some of my closest friends at that school. I was both challenged and supported throughout my four years there, and that I excelled in undergraduate and law school in large part because of what I learned there.”

Ms. Sbano fondly spoke of her religious formation received at St. Mary’s and added that she continues to grow in the Catholic faith. “The most lasting effect that my Catholic school education has left on me is a deeply instilled desire to engage with community service. I have never forgotten the lesson that what is done for the least of us is done for the greatest, and I have carried that with me throughout college and into law school. I hope to continue this dedication for all of my life.

Thank you, Angela, for taking the time to catch up with us and reflect upon your student experience at St. Mary’s. We are confident that great things are in store for your future and that your faith will continue to guide your steps.