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Omnia ad Jesum per Mariam

Omnia ad Jesum per Mariam -- "Everything to Jesus through Mary."

Many things differentiate our school -- our commitment to the rich Catholic tradition, our commitment to the liberal arts, our family ethos, our attentiveness to college prep, our versatile and vibrant sports program, our inspired theatrical and music program -- but there is nothing more distinctive about the school than the way our Catholic character animates everything we do.  Omnia ad Jesum per Mariam is not just our motto -- it is who we are.  

In this video, our pastor, president, principals, faculty, and students attest to the many blessings that result when we embrace our Catholic identity.

Once again, we thank our alumni, our partners in stewardship for making these blessings possible and we ask that you continue to give generously to our Annual Fund.  Remember: if only 5,000 of our 13,000 alumni were to give $200 to our Annual Fund, we would reach our goal of $1 million.  

Many thanks again for your generous consideration. 

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