Timothy Midwinter Memorial Scholarship

Timothy Midwinter was an inspiring teacher, administrator, alumnus, and friend to the St. Mary’s community. Mr. Midwinter graduated from St. Mary’s High School in 1973. He then went on to teach Religion and History at St. Mary’s in 1993, and after his years teaching, became the Assistant Principal of Activities in 1998. It was in each of these roles that Mr. Midwinter uniquely exhibited his love for the St. Mary’s community.
Mr. Midwinter was not only an educator, administrator and counselor on whose inspired guidance so many students relied but a dedicated family man to his wife, Lorraine and his daughter, Cara SMHS '16, who shares her father's deep fondness for St. Mary's. While many of his students remember him being a stickler about uniforms, he was widely known for his sense of humor and being a friendly face as you walked the halls.
Mr. Midwinter was admired by both faculty and students as he continued to show his passion and enthusiasm for his St. Mary’s family even while being in and out of the hospital due to his Lupus diagnosis and coming to work on days in which others would have stayed home. This truly emulated Tim Midwinter, a loving and caring person, who continuously put others before himself.
In November of 2003, the St. Mary’s community mourned the passing of Mr. Midwinter. The Midwinter family has put this scholarship fund together to give back to the students of the St. Mary’s community that gave so much to Mr. Midwinter in the many years before he passed, a place that he held near to his heart.
The Timothy Midwinter Scholarship will award scholarships to students of outstanding academic achievement who show an interest in history and/or religion and are committed to helping those around them for the betterment of humanity.