Matteo Diaz Memorial Scholarship Fund

The Saint Mary’s Family was deeply saddened by the loss of their Elementary School student, Matteo Diaz ’22, and his father, Johnny Diaz, after an accident on June 16, 2020. Matteo was called home by God just two days after his father. A loss like this to a parent and spouse is unfathomable.

Matteo joined St. Mary’s Elementary School as a 6th grader but quickly stood out as an incredibly kind, intelligent, faithful, and conscientious young man who made the Honor Roll in his first two trimesters. Before St. Mary’s, Matteo attended All Saints Regional School in Glen Cove, which was sadly closed. He was so happy to have found a new home at St. Mary’s, made great friends during the year, maintained friendships from All Saints, and was looking forward to trying out for the basketball team the following year.

Saint Mary’s wishes to memorialize Matteo’s faithful and courageous spirit by creating a scholarship in his name. Gratefully, the school received seed money from a family that is a dual member of the Church of Saint Mary Parish and St. Mary’s Elementary School community to launch this scholarship campaign.

Please consider making a gift to this special fund in memory of Matteo. Monies contributed will be used solely for scholarships to help qualified Elementary School students in need of financial tuition assistance.