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Partners in Stewardship

Welcome to our Stewardship and Sustainability Video, which we have put together with alumni, parents, teachers, administrators and well wishers of The Schools of Saint Mary.  
A truly exemplary K-12 educational institution grounded in the Catholic intellectual tradition, St. Mary's equips its graduates with lifelong benefits.  Catholic, academic and cheerful, the school gives students a rigorous grounding in the liberal arts as well as a robust formation in the Catholic faith — benefits which prepare them for success not only in college, but in their professional and personal lives long after they have completed their education.
All of the speakers in the video eloquently testify to these benefits. Still, in order to continue our mission, we must have more of our alumni be committed to stewardship and sustainability. If only 5,000 of our 13,000 alumni were to contribute a gift of $200 to the Annual Fund, we would see a $1 million increase in receipts for the Fund. That is the goal of our video and we hope you will become a partner in our future and help us achieve this eminently attainable target.