Welcome to St. Mary's

Since 1949, St. Mary’s College Preparatory High School has been offering a classical liberal arts education in the Catholic intellectual tradition. Dedicated to the Mother of God, and integrally connected with St. Mary’s Parish, our high school provides young women and men with a formation in intellectual and moral virtue to equip them to be good citizens, good professionals, good friends, and to pursue their individual vocations as sons and daughters of God.

Through a broad education in the classical liberal arts, each student is given the opportunity to grow in strong habits of mind and character. Intellectual habits include the ability to assimilate and analyze broad academic knowledge, write with clarity and imagination, and articulate thoughts with confidence and poise. Character traits include generosity, kindness, and daring in the pursuit of high ideals. Taken together, these build the best foundation for college and career success. They also contribute to our goal of working with parents to educate their children in a love for the true, the good, and the beautiful.

As we enter our eighth decade, we look back with gratitude and forward with confidence: gratitude for all the dedicated teachers, religious and lay, who made their contribution to the school we are today; and confidence that their contributions, like our own, will continue to bear fruit in the future. Since our earliest days, and even more so today, our families, parents, and alumni have been our greatest support as we work together in the great project of education. We are happy that you have visited our website and are interested in learning more. We look forward to seeing you in person!


Joseph R. McCleary, Ph.D.