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Gaels Parents' Association

The Gaels Parents’ Association exists as a fundraising and fun raising organization that supports the administration, faculty, staff and most importantly, our children, the students of St. Mary’s High School. 

Gaels meetings are listed in the calendar or in the School Handbook.

Thank you for sharing your Gaels Spirit!



The following is a list of the grade level chairs for the Gaels Parents’ Association:

Class of 2021

Mrs. Mari Sweeney
Mrs. Maureen O’Reilly
Mrs. Lisa Ortiz
Mrs. Michele Sims
Mrs. Deborah Hayes


Class of 2022
Mr. Christopher Paccione
Ms. Michele Pasqualina

Class of 2023
Mrs. Dionne Dixon-Allen
Mrs. Maureen Barrett
Mrs. Samantha DeFalco

  Class of 2024 

Mrs. Marianne Erster

Mrs. Geetika Nainani