Celebration of the Solemnity of the Annunciation!

Last Friday, March 25, was the Solemnity of the Annunciation, where we celebrated the Virgin Mary's "yes" to the Angel Gabriel. Sister Monica Marie kicked off the festivities with a party in the campus ministry room during both lunch periods. The campus ministry room was embellished with blue balloons, blue streamers and other blue decorations. Students of Sister Monica Marie helped blow up balloons, hang streamers and organize the room prior to the event to help with the preparation of the party. 
Complete with cookie cakes, various chips and sodas, students relished the merriment. They even played pool and bingo and conversed with friends of other grades. Sister Monica Marie even made rosaries for the winners of bingo!!! This event was a massive success with the student body, and helped celebrate the joy of the annunciation. I even heard one of the seniors talking about how much they loved the party and were glad to be celebrating this religious day with their friends and fellow siblings of Christ. Another student said that this new experience helped them come more to terms with their relationship with God. This event was important to me because the Annunciation reminded me of how important Mary’s “yes” is to us as Catholics. An interesting thought I reflected on was how the Annunciation is so crucial to our religion. If Mary didn’t say “yes,” our faith would not exist. 
The day of festivities concluded during the last period, where the administration invited students out onto the field to commemorate the Annunciation. Father Dominik conducted the opening prayer, followed by senior students who led a decade of the rosary for the student body. The event was followed by a prayer for Russia and Ukraine in hope for peace in the conflict overseas. The administration also gave out cookies for the students to enjoy, which was greatly appreciated by all! Overall, the day was a huge success and surely marks a new tradition for St. Mary’s in future years!