Girl's Basketball are Champions!

Thursday, March 3rd was the Girls’ Basketball Team’s Championship Game. To support the the team, St. Mary’s provided students and faculty transportation to Hofstra University so we could watch the team play and cheer them on. School Spirit began building throughout the day, especially as many students gathered in the cafeteria together to eat pizza before we left to watch the game. 
Even as we rode in the van to Hofstra, the excitement and anticipation for watching the game was building more and more. As we got closer and closer to Hofstra, we were already cheering and continued cheering as we arrived and entered the arena.
Although the ride was fun, nothing tops the game itself. The amount of school spirit shown at the game was amazing. All the students sat together in one section and cheered loudly for our team, chanting “Defense,” stomping our feet, and clapping. The sound of our cheering was heard throughout the whole arena. Some of us even had blue face paint and blue masks to support the team. The energy of the game was electric and it was thrilling to cheer with my friends for our school. Best of all, our outstanding basketball team won the championship! It was so exhilarating to watch the team win and receive their trophies & awards! Congratulations to the team for their excellent performance today! I want to thank Mr. Buckley & the other staff members for giving us the opportunity to come watch and support the girl’s team. It was a day I won’t forget.
Don't forget, our girls play again on Friday at 6:00pm at Holy Trinity High School.  We hope all our fans can be there again!