Attention All November 7th SAT Test takers:

1) Masks MUST be worn at all times once you arrive on premises.  This includes outside the building.  Masks must cover your nose and mouth.  Gaiters are not permitted as a supplement to a mask. In addition, students and staff will be required to maintain 6ft distancing throughout the center. (except when distributing or collecting testing materials)
2) Temperatures will be checked as you enter the building.  Anyone with a temperature over 100* will not be allowed to enter the testing rooms.
3) You will be asked a series of questions regarding COVID-19 risk/exposure as you enter the building.  Failure to answer these questions will result in dismissal from the testing center. 
4) You must have your ID and Admission ticket in hand as you enter the building.  Cell phone ID is not acceptable. 
5) Staff are not allowed to distribute any pencils or calculators for students to borrow.  Please make sure you have plenty of #2 pencils and your approved calculator. 
If you do not adhere to any of the protocols listed here and posted within the testing center, you will be dismissed from the center and you will not receive a refund for your exam.  Please note: These protocols help ensure a safe and fair testing environment for everyone.  These protocols will be strictly enforced.